Radio Repair Plate Panel for 1965 1966 Mustang Dashboard

also Ford Falcon & Ranchero

Does your 1965 or 1966 Ford Mustang have an ugly 70's era AM FM Cassette Radio ? Did you remove the radio only to find the dash had been molested, metal peeled back & opening widened, holes drilled in the metal dash ? A professional repair means removing the soft vinyl pad, all the wires behind the dash, welding in a new metal plate & repainting the entire dash to match. Estimates are close to $600 for a professional job.

Instead you can install one of our Dash Repair cover plates.The cover is laser cut from ABS plastic. It has a textured finish that closely duplicates the crinkle pattern found on the instrument bezel and on the glove box door.

There are no tools required to install . It slips over the existing radio knobs, and can be held in place with a dab of silicone caulk. The Mustang repair panel is easily removed if you ever want to do a professional cut & weld repair.

I had the template made by a master cabinet maker to use on my own 1965 Mustang Fastback. I have had other gear-heads in the car and they were oblivious to the fact a repair had been made at all !

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Ugly cut dash with 70's era AM FM cassette


Cut dash with period correct AM radio installed


Mustang dash radio hole repair 1965 1966

Dash with repair plate




1965 1966 Mustang Radio Hole Repair


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