1972 Mustang Coupe

1972 Mustang Coupe in Grabber Blue with White Vinyl Top

By 1971 the Mustang had lost it's footing as the predominate, sporty Pony Car. The make was going through an identity crisis as Ford tried to appeal to older, more relaxed buyers as well as performance oriented youth. Ford still produced the Boss and Mach one cars, but also made the luxurious Mustang Grande, all in a big hulking body style's. Some buyers were attracted to other makes such as the AMC Javelin, Chevy Nova and Plymouth Duster.

This big Mustang coupe is a very nice original example with a 351 engine and automatic transmission. In the 70's the manufacturers had to adhere to increasingly stringent smog control and safety mandates. The engine is detuned with vacuum controlled feedback systems to limit exhaust emission's. There are good values to be found in the 1971 1972 1973 cars. These were the last of the Big Mustangs before the introduction of the Mustang II.


Starting in 1970 Ford used a laminated paper tag for the Vin and Data Plate info.
This car is a beautiful example that retains its original factory color and drivetrain.


In the early 70's the cars got longer, wider, lower; a departure from
the compact Pony Cars of the first generation 1965-1968 Mustang


The Mustang retained styling cues like the three lens rear lights and short trunk deck.


The '71 and '72 cars use a stylish three pod instrument panel and padded dash.


This car was purchased in the Midwest and retains its 1970's vintage Kalamazoo College sticker




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