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Text and picture ads are free.

Have your picture ready, file size under 300k.You will be given options to post your picture after you submit your car info, on the next page.

Fraud Alert ! There are scams circulating on the net. One involves an eager buyer sending you a money order for your car for more than the price, and asking you to refund the difference. Another involves the buyer pretending to send a check to buy your car to a fake, "front" escrow company. Read more about scams here.

E-mail that you provide to us is kept hidden.

Sell your car?   Need to remove your ad?   To remove your ad, send an e-mail to ss@mustangdreams.com Please include the date you posted the ad (which you can find in the bottom right hand corner of your ad), and the e-mail address you used for the ad.

Having trouble with this form? email us at ss@mustangdreams.com

We only accept "For Sale" ads, "looking to buy" ads will not be posted.

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